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Music Production Podcast

Dec 31, 2017

During the month of January 2018, I will be participating in #Jamuary2018, and I encourage you to do the same. The challenge is to create and share a piece of music every day. It doesn't matter how good or complete it is, the point is to create music each day during the month of January. Feel free to share ideas, grooves, jams, musical explorations, full songs... whatever you come up with for the day. You can share your jam however you like, but it seems like Instagram, using #Jamuary2018, is the most popular place to do it.

In this episode, I explain what #Jamuary2018 is, what the goals are, and how my participation in #Jamuary2017 helped me grow as an artist. Embedded in the episode are thoughts on how #Jamuary2018 will help you with discipline, separating left and right brain tasks, and exploring and experimentation. I will be posting my jams each day on Instagram and this podcast. Each day I will share the music I make, how I made it, and what I learned. Today, we get ourselves ready for a busy and productive #Jamuary2018! I hope you join me in the challenge!

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Show Notes:

Cuckoo's Thoughts on #Jamuary2018

How to be More Creative - a post I wrote about the early stages of the creative process.

Maximum Productivity from Proper Use of Left and Right Brain - Jason Timothy's Ableton Forum post about making music.

Jason Timothy on the Music Production Podcast

Against the Clock - Fact Magazine challenges producers to make a track in 10 minutes.

Cuckoo on Instagram

#Jamuary2018 on Instagram - Follow this thread and share your jams.

My #Jamuary2017 tracks